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Our Artists.

Musicians, whether self- taught or professionally trained - have graced our community for years.  We are excited to showcase these talents and other local artists through our second annual music festival. All profits will be donated back to the community. Stay Tuned for more!

Einstein of 9 is a group of recording artists local to PA, with music on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify and have years of music experience.

They play across the province and, while music isn’t their day jobs, it’s their passion.

They play a wide range of original music and covers ranging from classic rock to new country to tragically hip,

They are gaining popularity daily and are happy to be a part of Rock the Ville!


Einstein of 9

Just when you thought our music scene couldn't get any more "lit", here comes Casey, straight from Birch Hills, Saskatchewan! She had had the pleasure of opening up for the well known Washboard Union and performed at the AG Bag Drag 2023. She is a 22 years old performer, NEW to Rock the Ville, and is ready to blow your socks off!


Casey Pratchler

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